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How to Make Shroom Tea – Glass Cups

Glass, which we use at home, at work and in many fields, is produced with sand, lime and soda materials. When exposed to very high temperatures, these substances become hot and form glass paste.

The mixture of sand, lime and soda is heated to a temperature of 1500 degrees in a clay container placed in the oven. This paste, which is soft and caustic, is removed from the oven and blown with straws called o pipe ta in glass-making. The paste, which is then allowed to cool, becomes glass. After cooling, it hardens and becomes brittle.

The same frit is also used to make other materials such as window glass, stained glass and crystal.

How to Make Glass Cups?

Glass, which has a wide usage area from decoration to kitchenware, from personal use to construction, has been known and used since ancient times. First thought to have appeared in Egypt, glass, 300-400 BC again began to be shaped by blowing. Glass products, which are frequently seen during the Seljuk period, started mass production in the USA in 1904 with the establishment of the first factory.

Although the main material of the glass is sand, soda and lime are among the ingredients. The purpose of soda is to convert the glass into a flowable material to make it easier to shape. Lime increases the resistance of the material to chemical reactions during the operations. When they are added to the soil and exposed to a temperature of 15.000 degrees, tea cups are formed which we all know. It is actually silicon dioxide that forms the glass. The use of mixtures in different proportions affects the glass quality and types. For example, in order to make glass, soda ratio should be increased and silica ratio should be decreased. Another step to be made after the materials forming the glass is the forming process.

There are different methods of shaping glass. Some prefer blowing and blowing, and some prefer casting. It can also be used in pressing, flotation, fiber forming, tossing and foaming. Glass formed by these techniques can be used after many processes such as cutting, coloring and sandblasting. In other words, the formation and shaping of the glass together with the previous and subsequent stages are quite laborious and exhausting.

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