How To Cut Cement Board | Easy Steps

How To Cut Cement Board | Easy Steps

How to Cut Cement Board? A cement board is a handy item to have at home. It can be used for do-it- yourself home projects and is even a very durable option for home improvement, repairs or beautification projects.

However, a whole cement board can be a little too big for some projects. This is whytoday, we will be giving you easy to follow steps on how to cut cement board.

We have also included the equipment and tools you might need for cutting cementboard at home.

Things You Will Be Needing

Cement boards are much more sturdy compared to wood boards like plywood. Which is also why they are a little more challenging to cut through. Also, there are also two types of cement board. One is mixed with wood fibers or wood particles.

The first mentioned type is also quite a common type which is easier to work with, compared to the second category.

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The other is Portland cement situated between two sheets of fiberglass mesh. It is most commonly used for mosaics as it is completely water resistant as compared to the first type of cement board.

So be sure to identify first, which type of cement board you will be cutting through.

And finally, before you start, here are some things you might probably need:

  • Box cutter – this will be used to score or mark the board
  • Pencil – this will be used to draw non-permanent markings on the board
  • Ruler – this will be used to measure and mark the board as well (can also be a yardstick or a carpenter’s square)
  • Dust mask – there is a huge possibility that you will be producing silica dust which can be dangerous to the health when inhaled. Be sure to use a dust mask for any projects involving the cutting of wooden or cement board.
  • Jigsaw – this will be used to make curved cuts on the cement board
  • Circular saw – this can be used to make cutting straight lines easier
  • Drill – this is for drilling or punching holes through the cement board

The Procedure

Score and Snap

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Step 1: Make your measurements

Before making any scores or trying to snap the cement board, make sure to make your measurements first. You can only use either a ruler, a yardstick or a carpenter’s square.

Do not use a ballpoint pen or a marker to trace the mark. It is not ideal to leave any permanent stains or markings on the cement board. In case you made a wrong measurement, it will be easier to erase a pencil marking.

Step 2: Score the cement board

Now, carefully trace the marking with a box cutter. This is what we call “scoring” for the Score and Snap method. Lightly run the box cutter on top of your marking but do not cut it yet.

Do not cut the cement board through with the box cutter as this might only result in uneven edges. After scoring one side, repeat the same process to the other side.

Step 3: Snap the board

Finally, after scoring, you may now be able to fasten the cement board to your decide measurement. If you still find the board too hard to snap, you can repeat the scoring process again.

Gently push on one side of the cement board then turn it over to do the same to the other side. Then, any excess mesh can just be cut off precisely and accurately with the box cutter.


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Step 1: Prepare the area and the measurements


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