How To Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

How To Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

A fungus called cadida albicans which is already present in our bodies, usually in the moist areas like armpit, vagina, rectum etc causes the Yeast infection. These funguses are also called bad bacteria in layman’s language. Similarly we also have good bacteria that promote good health and are very helpful in certain functions of our body.

When the no. of bad bacteria or fungus starts growing very fast leading to an imbalance in the environment of affected area we call it yeast infection. In such a situation the natural cure seems to be something that can either eliminate bad bacteria completely or bring their no. down to normal. What is helpful in accomplishing this task are called probiotics.The main function of any probiotics diet is to increase the no. of good bacteria in such a way that they overcome the fungi to bring the balance back to normal.

In order to cure yeast infection naturally we must start eating probiotics. Yoghurt is known be a very good probiotics that can be prepared at home. You can even purchase it from your local store but make sure it is pure yoghurt without any additional flavor or sweeteners. Just look for the label ‘with active culture’ on the box. For best and quick results we should start to cure yeast infection by applying yoghurt directly to the affected area. For vaginal yeast infections just dip a tampon in yeast and insert it into the vagina and let it work for an hour or so. This is somewhat a direct approach to bring the bacterial culture back to normal in vaginal area.

Yoghurt can also be eaten to speed up the process of curing yeast infection. In fact excess intake of antibiotics kills all the bacteria, well as well as bad bacteria. Probiotics in any form bring their no. to normal which cures the yeast infection. One should make it a point not to eat antibiotics if not necessary .in unavoidable conditions just increase the intake of probiotics to maintain the balance.

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