How to Avoid Acne

How to Avoid Acne

Hormonal imbalances are often cited as the most important reason that causes acne. In fact hormonal changes take place during the teenage years and that is when most of us tend to eat junk food in huge quantities. Though hormonal changes combined with heavy dose of junk help a lot in causing acne, it is not the only reason behind acne.

Had this been the case, no adult with stabilized hormone secretion would suffer from acne. Acne is something that is most visible in women and teenagers who do not pay attention to their diet and spend good amount on money on creams and lotion. No medication will be helpful in Treating Acne if eating habits are not changed.

Proper digestion and regular bowel movement is very important for maintaining overall functioning of human body. If bowel movements are not regular, food is not digested properly. Undigested food remains in the colon and form toxin waste. This toxin causes various ailments including acne.

If you notice that Acne is not disappearing, make sure you digestion is working fine. Do not eat oil food in excess quantity. Increase your intake of fiber and water. Your whole body should be properly hydrated. Make sure that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Secondly, intake of refined sugar should also be checked. Almost every packaged food that we eat contains some amount of sugar. Colas, caffeine, tea etc contain ample amount of sugar. Make sure that you cut down on sugar based products. However, simply eating less sugar and not replacing it with some other supplement may cause nutrients deficiency, therefore super foods like berry fruits should be eaten in place of sugar based products.

These simple precautions go a long way in helping you avoid acne in the first place. In case you have acne despite these precautions, do not hesitate to use some natural over the counter medicine.

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