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How Far is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

There are some things you should know if you are going to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon. You will be able to access all the information you need with this guide. How many miles from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon? How many hours do I get to the Grand Canyon when I leave Las Vegas? We will try to answer your questions like this.


How many hours do I get to the Grand Canyon when I leave Las Vegas?

The Grand Canyon is visited by an average of 5 million people annually. Travel agencies in Las Vegas regularly organize trips to the Grand Canyon every year. These trips are sometimes made by plane and sometimes by car. It’s actually your choice. You can travel by plane if you wish and do not want to go the road by car. But if you think you can take the road you will need to drive 15 hours. Don’t be intimidated by this 15-hour journey. Because there are many nice stopover places on the way to the Grand Canyon. You can relax at these stopover places. Also, as you travel, you will encounter hundreds of natural wonders along the way. You will see great places where you can take Instagram photos. You should always go to Grand Canyon by car instead of by plane.

Grand Canyon Trip with Helicopter

You will really love the tour with the helicopter. You will be able to see the places you have not seen in the Grand Canyon by helicopter and you will be able to reach places that no one has reached before. On the Grand Canyon helicopter trip, there are hard soils where the helicopter can land. This way you can get off the helicopter and enjoy the unique beauty of the canyon. Papillon Helicopters and Maverick Helicopters agents can tour the Grand Canyon. 

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