Holiday Style That Stands Out

Holiday Style That Stands Out

This past weekend in Denver felt like full-on winter. The snow came in fast and it dumped like a wet blanket across the city. And just as quickly as it came in, it was gone and 60 degrees in no time. Luckily I was prepped and ready for this snowfall and had the perfect holiday look from Abercrombie to accompany my frolicking in the park. I had plans that day to go to the park and a little snow wasn’t going to stop me!

If it’s been a minute since you shopped at Abercrombie, I’m here to show you that they have an awesome selection of items for both men and women this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a sherpa-lined zip up hoodie for your boyfriend, or a classic peacoat for your husband, or just a simple pair of comfortable mittens to stuff in your friends stocking, Abercrombie has something special for everyone this holiday season.

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And Abercrombie wants to make sure you stand out in the best way possible this winter! Whether you have a special holiday party planned or you’re heading to the mountains with friends or you’re just going home for the holidays, they have a look for everything! I built my own holiday look around something I could wear both indoors and outdoors. I started with a corduroy wrap skirt that could be worn with a pair of black stockings and waterproof boots, but then could also be worn another day with over-the-knee boots at a special event. Then I found the coziest sweater and heavy flannel scarf to pair with the skirt. Both the sweater and scarf will be great to wear with different looks all winter long. Something I…

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