Holiday PaleOMG Fashion + A Look Inside My Dining Room

Holiday PaleOMG Fashion + A Look Inside My Dining Room

Do your work Christmas parties start this weekend? Are you dreading it or looking forward to it? I’ve only ever been to my significant other’s Christmas party and it’s always a bit awkward because no one knows what to talk about. When they talk about work stuff, I tune out. But when they ask me about my work stuff, they tune out. It’s a lose lose situation. My own work party is very different. Because it’s a gym. So everyone comes to the gym, we drink a lot, everyone loosens up and has a great time. There is dancing, watching the single people mingle, and lots of talk about working out. Kind of annoying, but so great at the same time.

Anywho, do you have your outfit planned? Even before I was in to dressing up (about 4 years ago), I still loved planning my outfit for the Christmas party because it was the ONE day of the year that I dressed up. All the other days were filled with sports bras and spandex. Now that I only work out once a day, I have way more time to dress up and wash my hair. I have a Christmas party tonight with my fiancé and I’ll either be wearing this burgundy dress below OR a big poofy skirt with a leather crop top. Probably going with the latter because…crop top.

This dress below would be a great holiday dress. It’s a fun fall to winter color that can be worn with tall boots or tights with some cute booties. And since it’s a swing dress, it doesn’t cling anywhere and can anything you don’t want shown!

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>Size Info For Me:…

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