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Hearing aids, the blessing of modern technology

Statistics reveals that hearing loss is quite common in India. There are more than 60 million people suffering from hearing troubles. While a majority of them can restore the capability of hearing by external aids, lack of awareness and affordability issues force them live with the disparity. There are several hospitals offering good quality hearing aids in Bangaloreat an affordable price.

Types of hearing loss

Broadly hearing loss is classified in two categories.

Sensory neural hearing loss: When there is a problem in the cochlear nerve, brain stem, or cochlea; there is a loss of impulses in the sensory-neural system. Sometimes, there are abnormal impulses. In both the cases, patients can’t hear properly. Sometimes ageing process affects the nerves, and there is deterioration in hearing capacity. Tinnitus is also a major cause of hearing loss where there is a hissing or whistling sound felt in the ear even when there is a total silence. In some cases, trauma, accidents, infections, and other reasons like Acoustic Neuroma also cause sensory hearing loss.
Conductive hearing loss: This hearing loss occurs when the sound waves from the external ear can’t traverse through the middle air. Thus, the brain doesn’t get signals of sound waves, and patients can’t hear. Excessive wax in the ears, infection, traumatic conditions, or diseases like Otitis Externa can cause this type of hearing loss. Good quality hearing aids in Bangalore offer a remedy for conductive hearing loss.

Types of hearing aids

Though hearing aids exist from centuries, modern technology made a revolutionary change in the usability, applicability and convenience. Today we have quite effective hearing aids that can be worn in such a way that they are invisible to others. Two types of aids are used for correcting hearing loss.

External hearing aids: External devices are placed behind the ear or inside the external ear. They amplify the sound waves so that they can reach to the middle ear effectively. The brain can interpret the magnified sound waves clearly, and patients hear the sound. However, these aids are not very effective when the hearing loss is severe.
Internal or implantable aids: They are also called cochlear implants. These are special devices that stimulate the auditory cells and provide the sense of hearing to the brain. These implants are highly effective in the case of Neurosensory hearing loss. The results so far have been quite good even in kids who suffer from loss of hearing by birth.

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