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Handmade Gift Suggestions for Wedding Guests – Gift Bags, Etsy, Favor

Lately, as in everything else, many people are in favor of minimalism and simplicity in wedding concepts. In particular, the most beautiful wedding organization will be held in a natural place with elegant and natural materials and will make you feel like a dream. We have souvenir suggestions that can be prepared easily and at an affordable price that suits your dream vintage and natural wedding concepts.

Gift  for Wedding Guests

Wedding Candy From Rock Sugar Sticks

A wedding candy design that’s easy, cute, inexpensive, and can fit any style, it can be great, especially for vintage style! These candies can also help you with your seating arrangement

Ingredients for Making Wedding Candy From Rock Sugar

  • Rock sugar
  • 2 “x 10” transparent pouch
  • Papers of any color cut into strips
  • Scissors
  • Any material for attaching paper and bags
  • Pen
  • Paper punch

Measure the length of the candy bar, then cut the bag appropriately to allow the wooden end of the candy to come out and place the candy bar in the cutting bag.

Wrap the bag tightly around the wooden stick, then wrap one of the paper labels around the back. Then, firmly insert the material of your choice to drill them through a hole.

Write the name of each guest on the sheets and shorten the label depending on the length. You can place your candies on the tables according to the seating order. That’s it! Simple and stylish design, right?

Wedding Gifts from Tiny Coffee Jar

These super fragrant coffee bean jars are the perfect wedding gift option for the caffeine-loving bride and groom! You can fill these tiny jars with extra hard coffees and your guests will definitely appreciate it after the wedding.

Ingredients for Coffee Jar Gift Making

  • Favorite coffee beans
  • Small glass jars
  • Labels on the jar lid
  • A rope or ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors
Step One

Fill all the tiny jars with coffee beans

Step Two

Print your designed labels on beautiful paper

Step Three

Cut the labels nicely and place them in the paper jar and tie them with your chosen loaf.


We recommend that you do this at most 2 months in advance. We all know that coffee is better when it’s fresh!

Mini Wedding Napkins For Tears Of Happiness

Most of us love things in miniature form. Mini champagne bottles, mini buns, mini napkins, everything like mini is more cute 🙂 Wedding design to match your favorite concept with a printed cardboard boxes in 5 minutes by making these tiny boxes you can easily add a different color and humor to your wedding party!

Idea for Table Numbers at the Wedding

You can easily place flowers and dry branches in these brown glass bottles that you can easily find and order at an affordable price from the internet. Paste the labels on the bottles, whether you write the table numbers or design them as you wish. If you have a natural and simple wedding concept, they will stand elegant at the guests’ table!