Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure

A hair transplant is basically a cosmetic procedure that simply relocates existing hair follicles from a ‘donor’ site to a ‘recipient’ site both of the same patient. In principle, the donor site can be any area where there is abundant hair. But more usually it is the back of the patient’s scalp. Similarly, the recipient site can be any area where hair density is desired. But frequently patients ask to treat a bald or balding upper scalp. But seeking hair in the areas where a brow or a beard should be is not uncommon.

A typical hair transplant procedure takes about 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of grafts desired. Our hair transplant surgeons can do several thousand grafts in a single session. However, in cases where a lot of hairs need to be transplanted, more than one session may be recommended.

Information about any surgical procedure can not be complete without taking into account two important aspects, namely, who will perform the surgery and where will it be performed. In the case of hair transplantation, these two considerations are crucial, given the current scenario where in the absence of proper regulatory laws any doctor can boast to be ‘experienced’ hair transplant practitioner. But is experience everything professionalism is about?

Remember that a hair transplant procedure will be best, and most safely performed in the hands of a practitioner who is not just experienced or even competent, but properly qualified as well. Ideally, the surgeon should be duly certified by the relevant and competent special authorities.

Finally, the facility where hair transplants are performed must be properly equipped with the requisite machinery, and be staffed by qualified technicians. In addition, it must be approved by the relevant regulatory bodies for hair transplant services.

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