Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Permanent hair loss or that leads to thinning or baldness is said to occur only when the hair loss exceeds the new hair growth. Unfortunately, once this kind of hair loss starts, it is does so progressively and the condition continues throughout one’s life.

Around 95% of all permanent hair loss cases are due to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia (or AGA). In men it is commonly referred to as ‘male pattern baldness’ while in women as ‘female pattern baldness’. The term ‘pattern baldness’ here refers to the characteristic ways in which humans loose their hair in successive stages, first formally studied by Norwood whose famous classification helps hair transplant experts predict the future thinning of their patients and plan their surgeries accordingly.

AGA or permanent hair loss is known to be caused by several factors of which the leading ones are:

A genetic disposition to hair loss, the presence of dihydrotestosterone, a harmone, and aging. However, it must be borne in mend that although AGA is the most commonly occurring condition, it is not the only hair loss diagnosis. Though comparatively very rare, there are many other potential causes of hair loss as well. And proper professional assistance becomes all the more important in identifying and treating these other hair loss conditions.

Whatever the reason for hair loss, it is no doubt emotionally an extremely distressing condition for all who are affected. Most persons having hair loss problems feel extremely unhappy with their situation and are often seen desperately experimenting with anything coming their way. Others are looking for a solid solution to get their natural hair and looks back again. Both are vulnerable enough to be easily excited by the ads in the back of magazines, the commercials on the radio or the infomercials promoting ‘miracle treatments’ for hair loss. But will these advertised, over-the-counter treatments really help stop their hair loss, have these really worked for anyone?

Hair loss sufferers spend well over 3.5 billion dollars each year in the America alone Like many marketers in other industries, the hair loss treatment promoters are not always very ethical. Would you believe that 99% of all products being marketed as hair loss treatment are completely ineffective for the majority of these users. Most of these are still nothing but ‘snake oils’. Even the few that are FDA approved have limited effectiveness as:

They work for some people not all
They can only slow down the hair loss process, can not stop it altogether
They become a long-term liability and will help you until you continue consuming
By contrast, surgical hair restoration, i.e. hair transplantation, is the only hair loss solution that:

Works for everyone
Delivers permanent results, and
Has no recurring or maintaining costs involved
Hair transplants solve hair loss problem one and for all. It is truly the greatest hair loss treatment in the history of mankind the modern medicine can be truly proud of.

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