Gray with a Sparkle of Emerald Green: Serene St-Kilda Extension

Gray with a Sparkle of Emerald Green: Serene St-Kilda Extension

Most traditional homes in Australia in need of a modern makeover inevitably turn to rear extensions and careful interior makeovers that still leave the street façade largely untouched. Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood of St. Kilda, Melbourne, this exquisite residence is no different as it marries the classic beauty of its red brick and terracotta exterior with a polished and elegant rear addition that is neatly hidden away. The contrasting worlds are carefully intertwined even as dark gray finishes and brilliant décor and wall decal in emerald green holds sway throughout the more recent additions of the home.

Classic exterior of Saint Kilda Extension

A makeover carried out by Finnis Architects, the best features of the St-Kilda Extension come alive as you venture indoors and check out the amazing, formal dining room, a brilliant kitchen with flowery backsplash that turns heads and a read garden and hangout that serves as a relaxing green oasis amidst the urban rush. Pops of red brick break the sense of monotony in the more modern rooms of the house, linking its contemporary traits with the classic exterior in a subtle and elegant manner. With the narrow corridor leading to the kitchen, dining space and sophisticated sitting area at the rear, much of the existing home is largely left untouched.

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Stunning use of green leaves creates a dining to remember
Regal living space in gray with emerald green couch and plenty of sophistication
Exquisite backsplash in the kitchen in gray

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