Good home remedy hemorrhoids

There is no reason to be ashamed because of hemorrhoids, because everyone has them.But there are some home remedies to remedy or prevent hemorrhoids.To prevent hemorrhoids, etc. is adequate exercise, adequate fluid intake and regular bowel movements important. It is important to allow time for bowel movements and not to press too hard.

  • To keep the stool soft, one should drink 2 -3 liters a day.
  • On bloating foods you should avoid eating lots of fruits and vegetables un.
  • Should also be avoided spicy food. Even sweets should be avoided, as these often cause constipation.
  • Gruel, rice gruel and barley soup, whole grain products are highly recommended.

Hemorrhoids are already occurred following home remedies may help.Gives a sitz bath with oak bark extract remedy. After the sitz bath they should be put on one Quarkkompresse the anus. The first bath should take it in the morning, it should have a sec duration of 30. The second evening sitz bath, and every evening a cold foot bath. The sitz baths are pain relief.

Ask at the sphincter day to 2 – 3 times every second contract, repeat 30 times.

To rub their own best Hametun or calendula ointment. Mix the hemorrhoid cream with water to form a paste and put on the painful area.

Drink every day a naturally cloudy apple juice or apple cider.
To avoid infection, it is important to use soft or wet toilet paper to clean the Analsbereichs.
Do you need to professionally lot of sitting, actually a ring pillow and bring relief to. They should also make several times a day exercise breaks.

  • Help for several weeks drunk teas from nettles, birch leaves, or blueberry.
  • Suppositories and ointments that fight inflammation are the hemorrhoids.
  • If home remedies do not help, it is advisable to consult at his doctor.
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