Glowing With Confidence This Fall

Glowing With Confidence This Fall

The whole reason I even began to dabble in fashion was because of how empowering it was. I first found CrossFit which truly changed my viewpoint on beauty, then I found Paleo which flipped my world upside down when it came to how we should actually be eating, and then came fashion. As CrossFit and Paleo slowly made me a more confident, happy and thriving human being, fashion was that third puzzle piece. It made me feel truly empowered. Which is so odd. How can a pair of pants or a dress or a good pair of shoes empower you? How can those simple pieces of clothing make you walk with your head held higher or make you feel like you can conquer your day? I don’t know the exact answer, but I do know that finding that perfect little sweater dress with a slit up the side made feel like a million bucks the other day. And while I wore it, I had my little top knot head held higher than ever.

This grey sweater dress is all about sophistication and sexiness all rolled into one. Just like I mentioned last week on the blog, fall doesn’t have to be all about baggy clothes and covering up. You can show a little skin while staying warm and cozy. This dress is the perfect lightweight yet warm material that is stretchy to help fit your body like a glove. Show off your curves in this dress and throw on a faux leather jacket at night to look put together while still comfortable. And don’t be afraid to show off a little leg that you’ve been working so hard on during the summer in the gym and in the kitchen!

>Here’s a peek at a more sweater dresses for fall!

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PaleOMG Fall Sweater Dress Outfit

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