Glowing in White – PaleOMG

Glowing in White – PaleOMG

I recently went to the Florida Keys, and even though I wasn’t a huge fan overall, I did enjoy wearing the cutest white dress I ever did see while I was there. And it especially came in handy since it was midi length and the wind was trying to crush our souls that weekend. But it could not crush my-bum-is-showing-soul. Nope. I kept that part of my body a secret, even when the wind was trying its best to make sure that wasn’t the case. Wind is so dumb.

Since spring and summer is the time that so many people get married, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some white dresses for any of you that are on the hunt! And let’s be real, I haven’t gotten married in years now but I’m still wearing white dresses every week. I think white dresses look so good in summer and really pop whenever you wear them. I personally love when everyone is requested to wear white to a wedding. I think it looks so fresh and bright. But since brides seem to hate that, it rarely happens. Let’s change that. Let’s start asking our engaged friends if we can wear white to the wedding.

Queue in Kelly Kapoor from The Office –

Meredith – “I thought you weren’t suppose to wear white to a wedding?”

Kelly – “I know, but there was an emergency.”

Kelly – “I look really good in white.”


PaleOMG Glowing in White

Depending on what you have planned this summer, I’m linking dresses under $100 to help you save, some just starting at $30! Then I’m also linking some dresses for the people who are looking to splurge on a special occasion. There is one dress in the splurge that is…

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