Glassy Rear Extension of Red Brick Victorian Terrace House in Dublin

Glassy Rear Extension of Red Brick Victorian Terrace House in Dublin

The great thing about revamping old homes with a touch of timeless charm and a heritage façade is the remarkable blend of the old and the new that you get in here. Piano Nobile designed by Plus Architecture in Dublin is no different with its unique red brick exterior that initially attracted the homeowners. The aging Victorian terrace house was given an immediate makeover on the inside with a modern interior and a rear extension in glass that makes a big visual impact. It is the bedrooms and private areas that sit on the lower level here while the kitchen, dining space and entry are placed above in a floor plan that is inverted from the more traditional design.

Modern extension to red brick Victorian terrace house in Dublin

The extension takes the house into the rear yard in a seamless fashion and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring in ample natural light. It contains the kitchen, dining and WC on the upper level while an additional living area, bathroom and bedrooms it on the lower floor. White is the color of choice on the inside with wood giving it a warmer, more inviting look. You find a home that is sophisticated, minimal and monochromatic on the inside and classic with its red brick façade on the outside.

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Giving the old Victorian terrace house a posh, modern makeover
Gray and white create a cool modern home with plenty of natural light
Lovely view of the landscape from the dining room of the house
Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the…

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