Glass and Metal Addition Transforms 1920s Bungalow in Phoenix

Glass and Metal Addition Transforms 1920s Bungalow in Phoenix

Turning an old bungalow into a breezy modern home that showcases a lovely indoor-outdoor interplay, foundry12 were the creative minds behind the transformation of this gorgeous, traditional bungalow in Phoenix, Arizona. It is easy to see why the architects opted for a modern glass and metal extension to give the existing brick home a new and improved appeal. The stylish addition at Twenty-Three 02 ushers in lovely textural contrast and contemporary charm, even as its dark exterior seems to complement the red brick façade and the black roof to perfection! At its heart, this is a beautiful blend of styles and eras.

The new extension seems to draw its inspiration from the many shipping container homes around, as its design embraces metal and glass gleefully. Spread across 800 square feet, it contains a beautiful kitchen draped in walnut and marble, along with a lovely master bedroom that overlooks the private yard. The transition between the new interior and the courtyard is completely seamless, with swiveling glass doors and large, framed glass walls separating both areas visually. While the latest addition showcases a relaxed, contemporary style, the existing bungalow combines traditional elegance with modern sparkle.

1927 Carriage House in Phoenix gets a contemporary addition and makeover

Contemporary renovation adds color and pattern to the brick-wallled interior

Retractable skylight brings in sunlight with ease

Snazzy walnut and marble kitchen added to the existing Carriage House

View of the revamped backyard and deck from the spacious glass and metal extension

Shipping container styled extension in the rear of Arizona home

Master bedroom and bathroom connected with the private courtyard outside

Give your home basement a refined, modern appeal

Smart Phoenix renovation and extension project maximixes available space

Shabby chic bedroom with pallet bed

A gabled roof and the brilliant use of skylights create spacious, light-filled living spaces where one flows into the next effortlessly. A neutral color scheme and an inherent industrial vibe that comes with the extensive use of metal complete the hip makeover. [Photography: Jason Roehner]

Modern rustic bedroom with exposed brick wall

Bathroom with exposed brick wall and skylight

Contemporary glass and steel extension sits next to old brick, Carriage House in Phoenix

Small outdoor courtyard with a gorgeous fireplace

Swiveled glass doors connect the interior with the small deck

Wall of glass connects the bedroom with backyard

Metallic pendants add to the appeal of the kitchen

Hammock creates a relaxing outdoor zone next to the cool extension

Classic brick extreior and metal roof of Twenty-Three 02 in Phoenix

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