Getting Lost in Costa Rica

Getting Lost in Costa Rica

I’m obviously not ready to give up the fact that our trip to Costa Rica is over and done with. I’ve talked about it in every post and just recorded a podcast about it yesterday. But it was seriously the best trip and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing…except for reapplying sunscreen more often. The ocean can be very distracting. And I seem to still need a mother nearby to reapply. Such a child.

When we decided to go to Costa Rica, we didn’t want to have any sort of itinerary. We wanted to go in with no plan and let the adventure play out on it’s own. And an adventure is exactly what we got! We got lost our first night and had absolutely no idea where we were going at any point. We simply started walking, knowing that the beach was in the direction we were going. But not having a plan and just letting Costa Rica lead the way was the best way to do it. Every day we ended up at the beach, even if it took us a while to get there.

>But when we got sick of walking everywhere and needed a hotel with a pool that overlooked the ocean, we walked once more into a hotel closer to the beach. Luckily, whenever we were walking anywhere, I always had these knotted sandals that I seriously wore with every single outfit there – With my swimsuits down to the beach, in a jumpsuit out to dinner, with a flowy white dress to coffee, with this fun flirty yellow dress, and even in my sweats to the airport. I’m obsessed with them! They are so incredibly comfortable! And they also come in a blush color!

>Sandals For Any Occasion (or vacation!!)

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>PaleOMG Fashion: Getting Lost in Costa Rica

>Since I was…

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