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Get Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment With Dietary Supplements And Herbal Remedies

Hemorrhoid sufferers know the discomfort of living with the painful condition, but there is guaranteed hemorrhoid treatment thanks to dietary supplements and herbal remedies. ClearMed, a natural hemorrhoid treatment is guaranteed for 60 days and helps shrink, heal and soothe hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatments vary, but there are steps one can take to avoid developing hemorrhoids in the first place, including dietary and lifestyle changes.

Hemorrhoids are characterized by swollen veins in the anal canal and can be caused for numerous reasons. Hemorrhoids affect both men and women and by the age of 50, half of the population develops hemorrhoids. Constipation, pregnancy, liver disease weight gain, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, prolonged sitting and standing, and heredity all play a role in the development of hemorrhoids, but there are simple options one can employ for hemorrhoid treatment.

The key to ClearMed hemorrhoid treatment is Witch Hazel Leaf, which has been shown in pharmacological studies to reduce swelling and strengthen veins. Witch Hazel also is an astringent and forms a wall against infection and helps stop bleeding which is crucial in hemorrhoid treatment. Other all natural ingredients in the ClearMed hemorrhoid treatment are Horse Chestnut Leaf, Ginger Root, Blonde Psyllium, Hesperidin and Diosmin. Taken orally, ClearMed hemorrhoid treatment works from the inside out, traveling through the blood stream to the area affected by hemorrhoids. Many people with bleeding, internal and external hemorrhoids start to see improvement in five to seven days. Because of the sensitive nature of hemorrhoid treatment, ClearMed is mailed discreetly and can be delivered within two or three days.

Combating constipation is a key to Hemorrhoid treatment and can be easily accomplished by including more fiber and green leafy vegetables into one’s diet as well as drinking more liquids, including eight glasses of water a day. Other hemorrhoid treatments stool softeners and over-the-counter medications and creams and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Sitz baths are another recommended way to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort and don’t require a doctor’s prescription since they involve only warm water and a bathtub. To prepare a sitz bath, one needs to fill a bathtub with a few inches of warm water and soak for 15 minutes several times a day. Other hemorrhoid treatments such as stool softeners and resting on an air doughnut are helpful hemorrhoid treatments. To avoid exacerbating hemorrhoids, one should avoid using scented toilet paper, soap or body wash.

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