Gable Roof Hewn House in Austin

Gable Roof Hewn House in Austin

A home that has the vibe of a vacation house is one that definitely creates a more cheerful atmosphere that everyone enjoys. At the same time, you want some semblance of balance between the holiday-vibe and modern functionality that offers the best of both worlds. It is a practical choice that makes sense. And this is exactly what you get with the innovative and smart Hewn House designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture in Austin. The house with a gabled roof and wooden exterior feels like a vacation home from the outside but has a more contemporary appeal on the inside. The blend of styles is truly exceptional!

Modern Hewn House combines vacation home appeal with contemporary ergonomics

The rustic façade on the outside leads to an open and bright living area on the inside with kitchen and dining area next to it. A neutral color scheme anchored in white is not disturbed by use of bright color anywhere. Wood makes a big impact on the inside with even the living area ceiling being crafted in wood. Outside, there is a lush green garden with tall trees and it is these trees that provide natural shade and privacy to the house. The trees also define the overall contours of the house and its design finds ways to ensure that the existing greenery is left as undisturbed as possible.

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Kitchen inside the house connected with the greenery outside
Light-filled living area of the house with cozy wooden ceiling and stone fireplace
Open plan living area of the house with fireplace at its…

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