FUE Hair Transplant For Men And Women

FUE Hair Transplant For Men And Women

One of the most modern methods of hair restorations methods is FEU hair transplants. You should take advantage of this method. You may not know the meanings of FEU. For your, information FEU stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. When you compare this method with the older traditional methods, you come to know that it provides better cosmetic results. In the older methods, hair transplant were through punch graft and strip incision transplants. Now through FUE method, the problem of scarring is lesser.

Once you take decision of having hair transplant, you should know about it. We call the area as donor, from where the hair is taken. When we talk about the older methods, we come to know entire strip of skin was cut from back of the head. When skin is removed from the head, it leaves a big scar. As a result, even with the successful hair transplant, you could not have short haircuts. There were also chances that the scar could grow even bigger and bring disgraceful feature to your head.

A question may come to your mind that why to select FUE? Following are the reasons:

  • Through this method, scars are almost invisible.
  • The people with very little donor hair can have this method. It is suitable for them.
  • If you have a tight scalp, this method is ideal for you.
  • FUE is the only way if you want to cut your hair short after the procedure.
  • This method gives the shorter healing time then the others.
    When you decide to have FUE hair transplant, you should consult a qualified experienced surgeon. He will check your suitability for the procedure. Availability of donor area and density of donor hair is checked so that affectivity of procedure is calculated. Hair transplant can be done in either way but the coverage you are going to get becomes doubtful.

This is a modern type of technique in which tiny follicular units of hair are removed and directly transplanted into the scalp. There is no need to cut the strip of skin of the donor area. This method also leaves scars on your skin but these scars are so tiny that you would need a magnifying glass to see them.

FUE has made all the older methods obsolete because it has proven itself successful. Through this procedure, more than 8000 hairs can be transplanted in a single session. The price range is about $3-$8 per hair graft. This procedure looks expensive but you permanently get rid of the hair loss problem.

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