From Dallas to Charleston – PaleOMG

From Dallas to Charleston – PaleOMG

It’s been a busy past couple weeks. First I was in Lake Tahoe then home then Dallas then Charleston then back home. And man does it feel good to be home! As much as I love trying new restaurants and seeing new places, I love dog snuggles more. And my husband, of course. But more so dog snuggles.

Since I was in so many places and eating out at so many restaurants, I wanted to do a quick recap of those spots that you MUST hit up if you’re ever in Dallas or Charleston! PLUS I have amazing readers who gave me a ton of recommendations for Charleston, so I’ll be sharing those at the bottom of this post, as well. Just forewarning though – the photos in this post are pretty crappy. Mostly because I was enjoying time with friends and family, so food photos wasn’t my top priority. Instead, stuffing my face was. And it was lovely. Eating is my sport of choice and I crushed it while traveling.

So let’s kick this post off in Dallas. My husband and I flew into Dallas, checked into Hotel Indigo then I took my husband straight to my FAVORITE Dallas restaurant, HG Supply Co. Any time I’m ever in Dallas, I always go to HG Supply Co. Not only do they have the best beet margarita ever, but their food is phenomenal and the ambiance is awesome! Since it was Friday night, they had a sunset toast for the entire restaurant where they offered a small free glass of wine and everyone toasted together. It was adorable. I really should try other things there, but the beet margaritas with the beef curry never disappoints. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, am I right?! I’m not…

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