Finding The Perfect Sports Bra Support with Nordstrom

Finding The Perfect Sports Bra Support with Nordstrom

Summer is here. I know this because I’m in Austin right now and it’s about 4 million degrees with 1 billion percent humidity. It’s uncomfortable and my hair won’t keep a curl so I’m annoyed. Luckily, I packed a TON of sports bras. Because now that it’s summer and our gym doesn’t have air conditioning, I rarely wear clothes. If you’ve never done a CrossFit style workout in a gym with no air conditioning, you don’t know what it feels like to get heat positioning. You get so uncomfortably hot, then you get chills, then you puke. Straight up.

But not this year! No way, Jose! I will be working out in sports bras all summer long and keeping heat exhaustion to a minimum. Which means I need cute ones AND supportive ones, especially on the running and double unders day. But since all of us ladies are different sizes and have different activities in and outside the gym, I’m sharing my favorite sports bras available at Nordstrom right now that range from low impact, to medium impact, to extra supportive. So no matter what shape you are, what support you need, or what activity you’re doing, you’ll be comfortable and looking stylish throughout the warm months. Even if it’s worn underneath a shirt AND in an air conditioned room.

Below I’m sharing my sports bra favorites whether you’re taking a barre class, spin class, running a marathon or whatever else you love!

  • The top row is minimum support: perfect for a barre class or yoga or pilates.
  • Middle row is medium support: great for a spin class or light weight lifting
  • Bottom row is for extra…
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