Finding The Perfect Shoe For Any Workout

Finding The Perfect Shoe For Any Workout

Last week I asked you guys if you had any questions for the podcast and I ended up getting A LOT of questions about the shoes I wear for workouts. So I thought I would just compile it all into one post and chat a little bit about all the different sneakers I wear!

Sneakers are the shoes I buy the most. Because I honestly wear the sh*t out of them since they are the shoes I wear daily. I wear them to the gym, to the grocery store, on walks with my dog, around the house, while running errands. Sneakers are my favorite and my go-to. And my obvious addiction. I use to have a lot of foot issues when I was competitively crossfitting – my feet and ankles would hurt so bad from all the stress and weight that I was baring on them daily. It got so bad that I actually got expensive ass prescription orthotics that didn’t do sh*t except make me pissed that I was out a couple hundred dollars. Luckily, cutting back on lifting heavy not only made my ankles more flexible but my foot pain went away completely.

I mention all this because I know many people have issues finding the right shoe and the right fit, but I don’t really have that issue anymore. Most shoes fit me just fine and I feel comfortable in them whether I’m running on the treadmill in an Orange Theory workout or doing a squat snatch in a CrossFit workout or simply running errands. So if you’re looking for advice on arch support or pronating, I’m not the best person to answer those questions. I think reading the reviews and the descriptions of the individual shoes will be a tad more helpful!

So let’s…

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