Finding The Perfect Fitting Bra, No Matter Your Size!

Finding The Perfect Fitting Bra, No Matter Your Size!

I absolutely hate bra shopping. And because of that, I have probably 20 bras from over the years, all that don’t fit correctly. They squeeze, they pinch, they leave too much room or not enough, or the straps and wires will dig, leaving behind red marks. So instead of wearing them, they just end up sitting in my drawer taking up valuable space. And since I never wear them, I just turn to a sports bra instead. And guess what? Sports bras don’t exactly go with dresses…or blouses…or button downs…or anything!

I had pretty much given up on a comfortable bra all together until I started hearing about ThirdLove while listening to podcasts. Someone mentioned how amazing the bras were and I started doing a little research. ThirdLove is completing changing the game for women out there because let’s face it, no one boob is the same. No 34B cup is alike. So why should we all be forced to shop the exact same bras? Not not only does ThirdLove have sizes from A to G, but they also come in 1/2 sizes for all of us out there that don’t fit the boobie “norm”. They understand that every woman’s body is different and every woman’s body deserves to be comfortable throughout their day.

When you check ThirdLove out for the first time, you can take their Fit Finder Quiz to start the process of bra perfection. You’ll first figure out what your bra shape is, then you’ll pick your height, what your normal bra size is that you currently wear along with the brand, how old the bra is, the issues you have with the fit, and then you’ll be sent an email with your Fit…

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