Finding Space and Visual Freshness: Remodeled Flat in Olot

Finding Space and Visual Freshness: Remodeled Flat in Olot

Modern renovations often bring forth the most interesting features in home design that otherwise would simply never become the focal point of an architectural conversation. Turning an old ground floor flat in Olot, Spain, Arnau Vergés Tejero used a ‘carpet of concrete’ to link the various rooms of the Carpet House visually. Rearranging the space internally across two different levels, the new interior feels uncluttered, spacious and cheerful without trying too hard. An intermediate level between the lower level and the upper private floor was added to link both the levels even while maximizing space.

Revamped interior of Carpet House in Spain

The stretch of concrete in the living area flows into the upper level kitchen and even makes its presence felt at the wooden deck and garden space. Colorful floor tiles bring excitement to the kitchen even as white and gray shape much of the backdrop. Smart lighting and a flood of natural light combine to provide even illumination even as the wooden floor in the dining room, living room and family area ushers in even more warmth. Natural stone wall sections and cozy niches put the final touches on this altered Spanish residence [Photography: Marc Torra]

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Living area of the Spanish home with light and cheerful appeal
Concrete carpet runs through the house and even to the deck outside
Floor tiles bring color and pattern to contemporary kitchen in white
Small corner kitchen in white with wooden flooring
Rough stone finishes…

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