Finding a Workout That Works For You

Finding a Workout That Works For You

I didn’t always like working out. I honestly f*cking hated it. I hated walking in to the gym, I hated not knowing what I was doing, I hated not feeling “good enough” – I hated all of it. I didn’t grow up very athletic or with amazing genetics, I simply dabbled in swimming throughout my childhood and adolescence and that was the only exercise I knew. But after my swimming days ended, I became pretty much sedentary. And turns out, when you’re not doing sh*t and you’re eating complete crap, your body doesn’t love it. My body changed, my weight increased and my depression got worse and worse. I was in a serious downward spiral for a while.

But I didn’t know where to turn or how to get comfortable in the gym. I remember going through different stages of fitness; first working out with one of my high school boyfriends then hiring a personal trainer then spending hours on the stair stepper or I would drink an energy drinks and spend hours at Red Rocks. I would go through all these stages but I never felt like I was getting results. And that was because my diet was crap. I would do all this work at the gym and then I would talk myself into thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted since I was working so hard. That’s not real life, sorry, but it isn’t. And at the end of the day, I wasn’t lifting. And lifting is so incredibly important for women. I was never one of those women that thought “well, I don’t want to lift because it’s going to make me bulky.” I just felt intimidated in the weights section of the gym because I didn’t want to…

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