Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Although, baldness is not as common in women as in men, the psychological effects of hair loss tend to be much greater. This is partly because expectations for women’s hair, regardless of the cultural background, have traditionally been much higher than men’s hair. Therefore, employs special procedures and extra care for treatment of female patients.

Historically speaking, a hair transplant has been much less common for women than for men. However, this situation is changing fast on account of the marvelous results and the high rate of success achieved through the surgery. Another reason why hair transplantation is becoming more and more popular in women today is that female hair loss is now occurring at earlier ages with reported cases in women as young as 15 or 16. Contrary to the belief that in women the ‘natural’ hair loss does not normally occur before the age of 50 or even above.

Female Pattern Baldness

Most women who experience hair loss, have what is commonly known as ‘female pattern baldness’. Female pattern baldness is different from ‘male pattern baldness’ in which men tend to lose their hair in specific order with hairline receding first followed by the top loosing hair, etc. In contrast, women usually start to thin all-over while maintaining the hairline. However, there can be a moderate hair loss on the crown which rarely proceeds to full baldness as it does with many men.

Among the other conditions that can cause hair loss in women are iron deficiency, heavy stress, before or after childbirth, chronic illness and even crash diets. So in order to know if you as a women are really suffering from female pattern baldness these specific conditions need be ruled out first.

Again, there are situations where a hair transplant may be an appropriate option for a woman. For example, if you are experiencing a receding hairline similar to the male pattern baldness while the rest of your hair are thick and dense. You may be a good candidates for a hair transplant because you will have lots of donor hair.

You may also choose to have a hair transplant if you have a scar caused by a burn, a surgery or due to any other reason. For example you may have a scar caused by a face- or brow-lift. These surgeries can often leave scars that make the hairline appear too high. In such cases hair can be transplanted into the scarred area. You may even need to have a hair transplant into your eyebrows if you have over-plucked to the point that the hair no longer grow in your eyebrows.

In addition to the baldness pattern and the conditions causing hair loss, experience as well as expertise of otherwise a qualified surgeon is of extreme importance as not all hair transplant surgeons have sufficient exposure working with a woman’s hair transplant.

Generally, the procedure for a woman’s hair transplant is similar to a hair transplant for a man but handling the delicacies of a woman’s case need special after-care and attention, not provided by every hair transplant surgeon or facility. Moreover, since every person’s situation and experience is unique, it is only after considering the expert opinion of the doctor that a safe decision can be reached. So, if you are a woman experiencing hair loss, remember that there are some excellent options for you!

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