Fascinating Perth Residence Dazzles With A Trendy International Style

Fascinating Perth Residence Dazzles With A Trendy International Style

One of the hardest things to do is to create a home that conforms to the contemporary style of design and yet has a relaxing and inviting ambiance. Often, in a quest for that picture-perfect look, homeowners tend to ignore the ‘livability’ factor of a house. But the chic Floreat 2 in Perth, Western Australia is a beautiful example of a residence that finds the elusive balance between comfort and aesthetics. A project that was jointly shaped by Craig Sheiles Homes & Mick Rule, the house embraces an international style that brings together several different themes in a subtle fashion.

The house places great emphasis on ensuring that the interior seamlessly extends to the outdoors so that the courtyard becomes an integral part of the living area. The color scheme is kept largely neutral with white and black dominating the entire house. Large frameless folding doors along with stylish sheer curtains ensure that the entire home is appropriately ventilated at all times. A passive solar design and a heat regulation mechanisms help to keep the temperatures indoors as moderate as possible throughout the year.

Stylish rug in the living space enlivens it

Contemporary living room in black and white

Contemporary Perth house with sleek, minimal decor

Beautiful dining space with large wooden table with white chairs

A dining room that is connected with the yard

Frameless glass doors blur the lines between indoors and the yard

A stunning kitchen in white, a smart living room and a spacious dining area make up the lower level of the house, while the top floor holds the private spaces. Adding to the aura of the home is the refreshing pool in the backyard, along with warm lighting, which complements the natural light perfectly.

Lovely outdoor dining area next to the pool

Refrshing pool with smart seating next to it

Lighting idea for the modern backyard

Wooden staircase with glass and steel railing

A collage of family photos in the living room

Large windows help bring in natural light

Recessed lighting in the corridors adds to the charm of the place

Street facade of the trendy Perth House

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