Fall Wedding Guest Looks – PaleOMG

Fall Wedding Guest Looks – PaleOMG

Fall wedding season is here and depending where the wedding is, it can sometimes be a little challenging figuring out what to wear. But not to worry, I am here for you! Today I’m going to share some looks I’ve worn in the past that are still in stock along with some new pieces from this season. There are about 34 different looks to choose from in this post so hopefully this will give you some inspiration from your own closet OR take the hours of shopping online completely out of the equation. That way you can concentrate on things you actually want to do in life…like nap!

First up are three different midi dresses. I think midi dresses are incredibly flattering, but they are also practical come fall because they cover most of the leg, which may be incredibly pale at this point, and they keep the body pretty warm compared to shorter dresses. This bandeau top midi dress below is HANDS DOWN my favorite. I’m going to a wedding in New Orleans this month and this dress is definitely coming with me! It cinches at the waist and the material of the dress keeps the bottom full and structured. And it’s October, so come on! Right now this dress is on sale, too!

Next on my list of dresses I wore in the past is this one shoulder midi dress that shows off a little leg! Like the dress above, it is the same material so it stays structured, no matter how long you wear it. You won’t have to worry about insane wrinkles with this material, so it’s perfect for packing with you! And if light pink isn’t your color, this dress comes in almost any other color you’d like….

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