Exquisite Singapore Home with Geometric Façade Feels like an Oasis of Green

Exquisite Singapore Home with Geometric Façade Feels like an Oasis of Green

Singapore is one of the busiest cities on the planet and finding residential space in this congested urban setting can be hard indeed. Even if you create an expansive and sophisticated modern residence, creating the right amount of privacy and keeping out the surrounding buildings visually is a challenge indeed. But Park + Associates Pte Ltd have managed to fashion one such gorgeous setting in a bustling neighborhood of the city with a housing unit that was originally built in the 1980s. The new residence is a delightful mixture of concrete and glass with both the elements showcasing a picture of contrast. Step in and you discover a world that is open, light-filled and cheerful at all times.

Multi-level modern home in Singapore surrounded by greenery

The Stark House uses a simple blend of concrete planes that intersect with a series of glass walls and sliding glass doors to create a modern environment that is also a touch rustic at its heart. A curated garden space around the house provides a natural layer of greenery and provides privacy at the same time. The garden is a space where one can rest and rejuvenate after a long, hard day and the minimal deck next to the pool also reflects the uncomplicated look of the house.

Black, gray and white combined to create a gorgeous dining room
Geometric upper level of the house gives it a facade that is exceptional
Glass walls combined with concrete slabs to create an expansive modern home in Singapore
Gray coupled with raw concrete finishes inside the apartment
Minimal and simple deck of the house next to…

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