Expansive Victorian Home Revamped into a Sensible Modern Delight

Expansive Victorian Home Revamped into a Sensible Modern Delight

With changing times our needs also change constantly and it helps to have a home that also aids in the newfound goals. Nestled in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, The Empty Nester was transformed by Idle Architecture Studio to give its homeowners exactly what they desired – a space-conscious and modern home that was modest and helped cut back on costs while down-sizing efficiently. The large Victorian home with a generous garden was once bustling with kids. With the children having now moved out, there was no need for the additional space or the extra rooms.

Metallic upper level sits in contrast to the brick lower level

The new, more frugal structure that replaced the garden and its color palette reflect modernity coupled with a touch of history and vernacular charm. Locally sourced autumnal bricks bring a beautiful reddish tinge to the home on the outside while the top level with its metallic allure stands out visually. It is the ground level that contains the main living area connected with the garden outside, a spacious kitchen, dining and other public areas while the first floor houses the master bedroom, bathroom and the study.

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Street facade of revamped Victorian home in Melbourne
Red bricks and local materials create a gorgeous new extension to classic Victorian home
Ladder gives access to the top shelves of the home library
Home office in white with ample shelf space for books
Revamped living room with fireplace and an access to the garden

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