Excellent Beached House in Australia by BKK Architects

Excellent Beached House in Australia by BKK Architects

Melbourne-based studio BKK Architects has completed a beautiful, contemporary Beached House in coastal Victoria, Australia. With 3,756 square feet of modern living spaces spread over one single level, the residence is a modern display of “unfolding spaces that deny, and then release views”, as described by the architects. The talented team that designed this residential structure used the terrain and the surroundings to guide them towards creating a stunning, simple and modern residence.

Inspired by the folding technique of origami, the house displays a sequence of folds and voids that express the need for a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The house features large masonry walls that both protect the house and offer privacy to the interiors. With a complex collection of spaces, the Beached House by BKK Architects is definitely an excellent dream home.


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