Escape from It All in Style

Escape from It All in Style

I was pretty surprised by how much fun I had living off-grid in a yurt on the Big Island of Hawaii—it was much easier than I had expected, and also very freeing. Living off-grid doesn’t mean doing without, it just means doing things differently (and with a much lower impact). You can have lights at night if you want them, and even WiFi, though they will be powered by solar panels and you will only have so much energy to use. When it’s done, lights out.

Cabins disconnected from the power grid can still have running water, surround-sound music, stove-top cooking and other conveniences—or you can choose to have perfect quiet, solitude and no intrusions from the outside world, including technology. You’re only limited by the size of your solar panels or other sustainable power source.

If you have dreamed of living off-grid, the cabins here prove you don’t have to live in a trailer or a misshapen hut. There’s plenty of inspiration for design-lovers in these cabins in the woods.

Newkirk Cabin

Scott Newkirk is an interior designer and stylist who lives in New York City; naturally his off-grid cabin is a gorgeous retreat, complete with both a flagstone patio and a deck for enjoying being outside as much as possible.

Scott Newkirk’s weekend cabin embraces the great outdoors

Multiple windows and indoor-outdoor living mean that fresh air, light, and the sounds of the forest are always available in generous supply to the guests who enjoy the cabin’s woodsy delights.

The sunny cabin interior takes full advantage of natural lightThe sunny cabin interior takes full advantage of natural light

Who needs a…

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