Enchanting Home Surrounded by Ponds, Pool and a Canal

Enchanting Home Surrounded by Ponds, Pool and a Canal

If you ever dreamed up a modern day reinterpretation of a classic castle, then this mesmerizing home nestled in Sentosa Cove, Singapore would not be far off. It might not have those tall towers or even countless rooms that stretch across several acres, but it makes up for in splendor what it lacks in sheer extravagant size. Enveloped in a series of water features that even find their way indoors, this does feel like a modern-day castle with its cool entrance that features a sleek bridge above a koi pond. Step inside and you will be awestruck by a floating walkway and a staircase next to it that hover above an indoor pond. Designed by Greg Shand Architects, this multi-generational home captivates at every turn!

The connection with water at the No 2 House seems all too natural, with the backyard of this luxurious home opening up towards a lovely canal, adding to the brilliant, natural landscape that overwhelms you with its beauty. A large swimming pool in the rear yard is complemented by four additional ponds that not only create a balance of elements and paint a pretty picture, but also help the residence stay cool in the hot summer months. This natural cooling technique takes the load off of the artificial cooling system and surely would aid in cutting back on the power bill.

Bridge above the koi pond creates a mesmerizing entrance

Indoor pond, floating walkway and stairs steal the show inside the home

Swimming pool outside wraps itself around the spacious, open living room

Wishbone chairs make their presence felt in the living space and dining room

Sloped wooden ceiling adds a cool architectural twist to the interior

Double-height contemporary living room connected with the pool deck

Contemporary dining room of Sentosa Cove home with a view of the canal and live edge dining table

Design of the pool and ponds around the home connects it visually with the canal behind it

Even though it is hard to look beyond the intricately and expertly designed series of water features, the home itself presents a spacious, open living area on the lower level, with the private quarters nestled on the top floor. Each space flows into the next…

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