Elevating Your Post Workout Self Care

Elevating Your Post Workout Self Care

Something I love to do on a daily basis is workout. It’s the best. You know what I don’t like to do after? Clean myself up. Who has time for that? I don’t have time to shower, get my hair together or even get myself smelling semi-fresh. So you know how I deal with it? I don’t. I go about my day smelling less than fresh, then find myself stinking up our living room. Thank goodness my husband has a pretty poor sense of smell. We’re a great match.

But that post-workout stink issue can all change now with lululemon’s new Selfcare Line! Just this past week, lululemon released four brand spankin’ new selfcare products to help you stay fresh long after you leave the gym. These products are all sweat-tested by lululemon’s athletes and ambassadors who spin, run, train, and of course, kick butt in yoga on a daily basis. And the products were created with a combination of natural ingredients and technology-driven synthetics to both enhance product performance while still being gentle on the skin. All of the products avoid any known irritants like aluminum, gluten, parabens and sulfates. Plus they are cruelty-free! But something I love most about all the products is that they smell AWESOME, which is the whole reason I’ve started using them in the first place!

PaleOMG + lululemon Self Care

Now after you finish your workout, whether it’s a run in the park, a sweaty yoga class, or a lifting session at the gym; you’ll have products to help you freshen up before you conquer the rest of your day. The products come in full or travel size to make sure you smell and look your best no…

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