Electronic Cigarettes for Teenagers (E-Cigarettes)

Electronic Cigarettes for Teenagers (E-Cigarettes)

Cigarettes are an attractive product for teenagers; this has many reasons. Most of the teenagers worldwide consider themselves a grown up man while using these products. By smoking, they think they can be included in adults and can do whatever they like. They like to give orders and use things which their elder brothers or sisters use; they try to copy their parents and think they become cleverer by doing these activities; smoking is one of those activities.

According to the research, it is concluded that 80% of the adult smokers had started smoking since they were at the teenage. It is determined by the American Association of respiratory medicine that in every 4800 teenagers, 2000 among them get used to the traditional smoking when they become adults.

Generally, conventional cigarettes produce 4000 chemicals; which causes numerous diseases in the human body. E cigarettes provide an alternative to these cigarettes, reducing the hazardous effects to approximately none. The electronic cigarettes make use of the flavors with blends of nicotine which generates vapors instead of dirty smoke with toxic substances. These flavors are a great attraction for the teenagers; some of them are chocolate, mint, tobacco mint, vanilla, orange and more. This vapor also contains a very pleasant odor which makes the electronic cigarettes a sophisticated and descent utility when compared to the conventional cigarettes which contain bad odor.

The best electronic e-cigarettes are the ease of their use; their method of use is similar to that of the conventional cigarettes so both adults and teenagers find the electronic cigarettes simpler and convenient in their operation and function. The teenagers are greatly attracted towards the use of these new technology electronic products. So, these e-products are conquering the teenage world due to their huge number of qualities.

Nicotine, the main constituent of the conventional cigarettes is present in the e-smoking products, this nicotine varies in quantities. For the conventional smokers to teenagers, it has been made possible in the electronic cigarettes that different levels of nicotine intake can be made possible. According to different brands, there are five to six nicotine levels; the lowest one starting from zero milligram/milliliter i.e. no nicotine to high levels of nicotine. The ‘no nicotine level’ is the most attractive characteristic of the electronic cigarettes for teenagers.

The electronic cigarettes are also a source of attraction for the teenagers because of their quality of no tar, bad odor or dirty clothes. The teenagers, in most of the situations are not allowed by their parents and other elders to smoke. This creates difficulties for them when using the tobacco products. With the e-cigarettes, they are not exposed to their parents while they can enjoy the sensation of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier way of smoking, but they are generally not advisable for the teenagers to use frequently. Although they produce very less side effects as compared to the conventional cigarettes, but are not recommended. You may read and e cigarette review to have more information about it.

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