Eco-Sensitive and Cost-Effective Prefabricated Minimal Home

Eco-Sensitive and Cost-Effective Prefabricated Minimal Home

It is easy to want a lavish and expansive home full of modern luxury and ample space where you can decorate without having worry about being frugal. Yet, for many of us and those who are fortunate enough to plan for a vacation retreat or second home, a much more cost-effective, elegant and space-savvy alternative comes in mighty handy. This is where a design like the VMD Prefabricated House designed by Taller Escape + Studioroca comes in. It is a gorgeous and eco-friendly prefab that can be delivered in no more than three months of ordering and needs just a week to be installed fully. Saving time and costs, this smart prefab works wonders in more ways than one!

Smart solutions and eco-sensitive design help create this cool prefab

It is not all about economic choices alone here as the minimal prefab occupies very little space, leaves next to nothing in terms of carbon footprint and combines modern ergonomics with green design in a fluid manner. Currently made in Mexico by highly-skilled craftsman, the prefab can be transported anywhere with ease and with a dark exterior in gray and black, it feels trendy as well. Glazed glass walls and windows bring in natural light here even while providing complete privacy even as a small wooden deck acts as outdoor refuge. [Photography: Helioz Studio]

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Decor matches the understated appeal of the prefab and its overall green appeal
Efficient and minimal design inside the home cuts back on wastage of resources
Gray and black exterior…

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