Eco-Friendly Off-Grid Tiny House that is Incredibly Adaptable

Eco-Friendly Off-Grid Tiny House that is Incredibly Adaptable

There are times when we can get a bit lost in the tech-savvy world around us. Each day seems like a race against the clock with little time for ourselves or the ones we love. To borrow from a great poet, we definitely do not have ‘time to stand and stare’! But the CABN is an innovation that aims to change all that with its off-grid, sustainable design that helps you reconnect with nature and yourself. This smart, eco-sensitive and modern wooden cabin has just 15 square meters of space inside. Yet, there is plenty of good it does for you as it easily transports you into a world that we are quickly losing touch with.

Wood and glass create the simple structure of the CABN

Set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and just an hour’s drive away from the city of Adelaide, this particular CABN unit was crafted using locally sourced wood and provides a perfect refuge for those seeking solitude. The smart and tiny cabin keeps things simple, uncomplicated and yet comfortable even as its woodsy design allows it to blend in with the backdrop. You can alter the finish and the material to fit various environments and terrains and each CABN can be fine-tuned to custom needs.

For those who cannot even spend a moment without checking their phone for new messages, mails and are constantly hooked to gadgets, CABN offers a chance to detox and relax. And undoubtedly most of us need such a break inevitably!

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Tiny 15 square meter cabin in Adelaide Hills takes you away from urban rush

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