Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Having your teeth white is not easy and you would like it to stay it that way. Some teeth whiteners can be harmful to your teeth. And you do not have to use those teeth whiteners just to keep your teeth white. If not treated properly, white teeth can fade and lose their white color in 30 days. But if successful your white teeth can last up to 10 -12 moths. Here are some useful guidelines in maintaining your white teeth. Follow them correctly and you will be saving your precious white teeth.

The basic way to protect your teeth is follow your daily routine. Brush your teeth every after meal and make sure to remove any plaque and do same thing over again every day. Not just every meal, you should also brush when consuming teeth staining beverages after drinking. Once a week, use whitening toothpaste to prevent the teeth from turning yellow and use regular toothpaste from then on.

Prevent from drinking any staining beverages as much as possible because it greatly stains your teeth. Drinking coffee everyday would greatly stain your teeth. If you can’t resist drinking coffee, using a straw will prevent the coffee from touching the front side of your teeth. Tea can also stain your teeth so be careful when drinking any kind of beverages and ask more about different beverages that stains teeth.

Smoking can extremely stain your teeth and must be avoided at any cost. If you can’t avoid smoking then you should visit your dentist more often for a touch up. But constant touch-up destroys teeth enamel so be careful.

To help you keep your white teeth use natural methods of teeth whitening. Mashed strawberries and raspberries are very helpful if brushed against your teeth. Acid juice washes stains from the teeth. This way you could prevent your teeth from turning yellow. It may be harmful though since acid juice that berries contain, destroys the teeth enamel and will promote decaying. Baking soda is a lot safer and a much more effective whiter than berries. Brush it against your teeth preferably with peroxide.

Those tips will prevent your teeth from turning yellow and will protect you from any stains. Be guided and you can keep your white teeth for period of 1 year.

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