Easiest DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand |

Easiest DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand |

Free plans and tutorial to build a DIY mobile miter saw stand for your workshop.

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So the craziest thing happened a few weeks ago. One of my friends over on Instagram broke 100k followers and did the COOLEST giveaway ever. I still can’t believe it, but he teamed up with Delta to give away one of their Delta Cruzer 10″ sliding miter saws and I won … like, WHATTT?! What is this life??? I don’t even know.

It was a completely random drawing and I guess I remembered to do all the correct things to enter and BAM. Here we are.

So this new DIY miter saw stand goes out to the new saw – you the real MVP of the shop!

Last summer I built a stationary DIY miter saw bench for my very first saw – a well used DeWalt from the ol’ Craigslist. And when I say well used, I mean I bought this thing off a contractor after like 10 years in the field. I was hoping to upgrade this summer, so this giveaway was really unbelievable. The big miter saw station is great, but my FAVORITE FAVORITE workbench is the mobile workbench I built for the table saw. I work out of the garage, so my goal is to be able to…

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