E Cigarettes the Smoker’s Answer to Better Health

E Cigarettes the Smoker’s Answer to Better Health

Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for their health. It has been reverberated around the brain countless times from the media, from loved ones, from strangers, but yet people continue to light up at every opportunity. It has almost become defiance. The more cigarettes are banned in public places the more smokers assert their right to smoke. If having to go outside to puff because it is not allowed inside then so be it.

The cons are many and the pros are few when it comes to cigarettes, however. The biggest deterrent of course is the cancer causing carcinogens in every single puff, not to mention the prices just keep going up. A pack of generic nowadays is even costly and those used to be a bargain. But for the hopelessly addicted, it is difficult to quit; everyone knows that a bad habit is harder to drop than a cherished child. But in this day and age when creativity is all around in the products and services that people enjoy everyday—even cigarette manufacturers have discovered a new and healthier alternative that is changing the way people light up, especially for the health conscious and those who have wanted to quit forever but could never abstain for long.

Introducing herbal cigarettes designed to help the hopelessly addicted try a new and more healthful alternative. Herbal cigarettes are free of carcinogens because they are tobacco and nicotine free and are fast becoming a recognized alternative even by the most diehard traditional cigarette lover. Herbal cigarettes, obviously as the name implies, use organic filler without tobacco or nicotine. They are a viable alternative because they actually quell the smoker’s desire and satisfy the craving to smoke, which in the end is that not the real reason people smoke. It is to satisfy an urge, a craving. But be forewarned. Herbal cigarettes even though a more healthful alternative still can be a health risk if smoked to the extreme, like anything else that is used to the extreme. But if consumed occasionally the benefits far outweigh the risks.

As the name implies, herbal cigarettes contain herbs mixed in with other natural ingredients such as marshmallow leaves, rose petals, red clover flower and mint, to name a few, in addition to flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon and ginseng—even menthol flavoring—for the diehard menthol smoker.

The health benefits of the herbal cigarette versus the traditional cigarette: herbals are simply a more healthful alternative; it helps aid the smoker’s desire to quit traditional cigarettes; the herbs that are used promote good health instead of bad; herbal cigarette can help rid one of “smoker voice,” that raspy, deep sounding voice that all smokers eventually acquire due to years of pounding the voice box with unhealthy carcinogens; herbals promote calmness and well being.

Again, however, herbal cigarettes even though a more healthful alternative, authorities claim that inhalation of any type of smoke into the lungs can eventually create health problems. And although herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free, they, according to the authorities, produce harmful substances like tar, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Inhalation of these substances are harmful to the lungs and ultimately the body.

It is up to the smoker which alternative is better. Some experts say that herbals have no benefit versus the traditional, but since the main ingredient is herb instead of tar and nicotine, over the long term it could be surmised that the herbal is a better choice. For more in depth information regarding herbal cigarettes please visit one of the many online sites dedicated to the pros and cons of this enlightening new choice for those who have the habit of lighting up.

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