Do You Know This Habits Can Damage Your Joints!

Do You Know This Habits Can Damage Your Joints!

Any other organs of our body are important, one lacking one, or not, because it has to rely on each other’s roles. Likewise, the joints are indispensable organs, and all the movements of our body, whether lying or standing, can be made possible by the presence of the joints.

These Habits Damage Your Joints

But most people are unaware of their daily routine habits that can affect the joints. Here are four habits that affect your joints:

  1. Tobacco Habits

Nicotine in cigarettes can damage the growth and vitality of your bones. It reduces the amount of blood deposited in the reduced joint, reducing the absorption of calcium for bone growth. As a result, there is a risk of developing obesity.

In addition, chemicals in cigarettes can affect the release of estrogen, a very important hormone for women to prevent osteoporosis in old age.

  1. Lack of Exercise Habits

Did you ever observe your body? As you do not exercise for a long time after exercising, you feel more pain in the joints than before taking action. This is caused by the body’s immune system, which makes the joints less frigid, slippery, slim, and not tangential. On the other hand, aerobic exercise disrupts muscles and bones, and poorly absorbed calcium affects the joints.

  1. Over Weight Lifting Habits

The weight with gravity forces heavily loaded on the bones, and in particular our rheumatoid arthritis, which is like a motorbike screw, as long as heavy weight is loose and warmer. Also, human joints can not sustain long-term weight because it increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis as we age.

  1. Not Enough Sleep Habits

You may wonder why lack of sleep is associated with arthritis. This is because when we do not get enough sleep, our body stimulates the release of certain chemicals that cause burns. So getting enough sleep does not always make you more likely to have pain in your bones and joints when your body’s health is weakened by age, virus, and so on.

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