Do Anti Ageing Creams Work?

Do Anti Ageing Creams Work?

If you watch TV, read magazines or newspapers you will have seen the vast array of adverts for anti ageing creams. All of which promote the belief that these anti ageing creams will reverse the ageing process by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and restoring the skin back to its youthful look and feel. Most of them promising to create the same effect as some surgical procedures such as Juva Dderm, Botox and Restlayne. Most people facing a crisis will rush out and buy whatever is advertised to them to help them to fix the problem, but there are a lot of sceptics questioning the validity of these claims including some doctors, asking the question “Do anti ageing creams work?”

Marcha Gordon, MD, vice chairman of dermatology at Mount Saini school of medicine in New York states that the anti ageing creams that claim to produce the same results as surgical procedures are not at all accurate. Some of the technologies of anti ageing focus on composts referred to as pentapeptides. These are tiny accumulations of long chain amino acids that send chemical messages throughout the body. There are many creams that contain these components including Strivectin-SD by Klein Becker and Principal Secret Reclaim line.

Despite the fact that there are many doctors refuting the fact that anti ageing creams work due to the lack of medical studies to prove these claims. The specialist who assess anti ageing creams claim that there is expansive science at the heels of the pentapeptide technology.

The original pentapeptide study focused on wound healing. The study looked at how the bodys response in the process of skin healing. Broadcasted investigation has highlighted the fact that peptides are influential in boosting skin cells to generate extra collagen. Collagen is not only used to heal cuts on the skin. It is also instrumental in the aging process of the skin. Collagen supports the skin it is what gives it a tight youthful presence. When there is a lot of collagen present in our skin it gives the skin the appearance of brightness and tenderness. When there is a reduction in the amount of collagen present in the skin the firmness in the skin disappears and this is when wrinkles will begin to appear. It has been stated that having wrinkle fillers injected into the skin can work for a short period of time it is even better to apply the peptides directly onto the skin as this will aid in the production of more collagen. This will give the same effect as having wrinkle fillers injected into the skin.

A combination of synthetic pepticides and fatty acids is imperative for penetration of the skin. Olay established the compound palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. Strivectin-SD. Researchers for Olay claim that the product increases the production of collagen in the skin and promotes a fresh youthful appearance within four to twelve weeks.

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