DIY Wooden Truck Bed Liner Materials | Liner

DIY Wooden Truck Bed Liner Materials | Liner

Within the farming community and many other places, flatbed trucks are becoming a huge thing. Wood made flatbed is great inexpensive stuff that is really convenient to use. These are way better than the stock steel versions according to many users.

The most flattering thing about this bed is that you can basically design it according to your wish. Building this yourself is so much more affordable than buying an expensive version. Also, making one will give the bed your own personal touch beside of saving money. More on truck bed covers here.


So, there are of course some steps and a few Useful Woodworking tools that you need for the DIY. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the explanation as simple as possible. I’m sure anyone into a little bit of woodworking would be able to do it without any worries. So, let’s go for it!


  1.  Floorboards
  2.  Drill bit.
  3.  4-by-4-inch lumber
  4.  2-by-6-inch lumber
  5.  Nuts
  6.  Lag bolts
  7.  Small square.
  8.  Wrench


  • For this step, it’s completely optional and up to you. You need a sealer, primer and color paint with a choice of brush.
  • To get a uniform and good look, start with priming the wood. You should use a good coat of primer for the process. After applying the first layer let it dry completely. Once you figure out the first layer is all dried up, go for next one. Oil-based primer is best for long-lasting results.
  • Now you will need a good quality brush and some paint. Use any choice of color you want to. Now loading the brush with enough paint goes for making small strikes over your truck bed. You should follow a similar manner to paint it up.
  • Keep some time interval for each coating. You may need to apply around two to three layers of color depending on its quality. Wood painting is the most used and finest result-providing option.
  • Now it’s time for some sealer coat. Don’t be afraid to go for up to three coats. Most of the time, polyurethane is used as a topcoat for paint. You should give it enough time to dry completely. Keep on going with the step until you get consistent results. Painting is Done!


  • There are many users who like to use rubber liners for better protection. Using rubber liners for wooden bed will keep it free from scuffs, roughness, and scrapes.
  • Use a thick and contoured rubber mat for the liner and make sure it lasts long. The rubber compound you choose should not crack with increasing temperature. Also, it should not fade in exposal to the sun.
  • Installation is super simple with a quality truck rubber bed mat. Choose the ones that come from a reliable manufacturer and would survive at least five to ten years.
  • Cut-out rubbers, however, lasts for three to four years. Also, some factors will decide the life span of truck mats such as weight, frequency of hauling cargo and type.


You should do the painting and coating steps in enough ventilation.

Always gear up safely for such DIYs. Wear protective goggles, gloves, and mask while using power tools.

Be sure to safely handle blade related tools.

If you are completely unaware of doing such DIYs, have someone experienced by your side for safe play.


No matter if you need a truck bed as a replacement to your old one or simply get it as the very first, this DIY version will do justice. Also, remember that no matter what material you use, metal or wood, the bed will get damaged someday.

So, if you are seriously needing a good layer of protection for your truck, I think buying one will be an ideal option. However, using the DIY bed as a spare one or for a short period of time is really not a bad idea.

Wooden truck beds are cheapest and durable comparatively, no doubt. Simply enjoy the benefits with this DIY process. Best of Luck!

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