Discussing Dream Homes & Architecture Lifestyle in Ibiza

Discussing Dream Homes & Architecture Lifestyle in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is synonymous with a pulsating nightlife and a hedonistic enjoyment of life.  But away from the beaten track of fashionable nightclubs and celebrity is a world of luxury, calm and aesthetic delight.

To know more about Ibiza, we sat down with Teresa Nicholson, Managing Director of Red7 Leisure, and talked about architecture, style and the house of her dreams.

Teresa, what do you think are the best elements of Ibiza living?

Ibiza has a very unique character in the Mediterranean. Its native vegetation, the light that bathes the island and the spirit of the local people all inspired the formal architectural style. But the quintessential Ibiza features are the brilliant blue sea, the breathtaking skyline, and those amazing white stone cliffs. Each combine to dazzling effect.

If you were to pick a dream home, what would it be?

This scintillating synthesis is perfectly captured at Na Xamena, designed by celebrated Valencia-based architect Ramon Esteve. The property, which has been deservedly featured in fashion magazine and website photoshoots, features harmonious clean lines reflecting the all-encompassing sky and sea. Its 14m infinity pool merges with the Mediterranean sea on the north of the island, and the playful aesthetic is entirely in tune with this holiday-maker’s haven.

Stunning minimalist villa in Ibiza with infinity pool overlooking the ocean

Goregous outdoor lounge of Na Xemena in Ibiza

What do you think inspired the whole design?

The architect has compared the design to music, where the dominant themes are sweetness, peace and tranquility. It’s very important to respect the place’s natural elements and also act with some…

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