Different Acne Treatment Plans

Different Acne Treatment Plans

Though curing acne without surgery is not easy, there are several acne treatment plans which are very effective in helping you get rid of more that 95% of our acne and pimples. Acne treatment are of three types; systemic, procedural and topical.

The severity of you acne depends upon a lot of factors like redness, gender , age etc. which kind of acne treatment plan is suitable for your acne is best decided by your doctor or the dermatologist to be precise. Following is the list of what these treatments are all about.

  • Systemic treatment: This procedure treats your acne from inside. As the name indicates, it goes into the system and balances the excess oil and hormonal secretion. It is highly effective in curing the acne from the root so that it does not reappear. Though there may be some side effects this is definitely worth it.
  • Procedural treatment: this is determined and performed by a skilled dermatologist or an esthetician. Usually this kind of treatment is combined with topical or external treatments best results. It is one of the safest ways to treat you acne, though a bit costly. Your doctor decides if you really need this kind of treatment or just an over the counter drug would be as effective.
  • Topical treatment: these are over the counter drugs which are very effective in curing mild acne. Chemical based ointments and lotions are known to be effective only temporarily therefore a lot of natural anti acne creams available at every pharmacy store have become very popular among fashion conscious people. Almost all over the counter acne creams contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur etc. these are time tested and proved ingredients for acne treatment.

No matter what treatment you go for, it goes without saying that proper food with a lot of fibers helps a lot in preventing acne in the first place. If you can take care of your digestion and make sure that you exercise regularly the chances of developing acne is minimized.

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