Deciduous Teeth Whitening Tips

Deciduous Teeth Whitening Tips

The first set of teeth that starts growing well before the first birthday of any child is called deciduous teeth. This set of teeth is shining white but with the passage of time the whiteness level is gradually replaced by a yellow shade. The darkness of yellow or brownish shade varies from person to person. However, this can be reduced to a great extent if some teeth whitening tips are kept in mind.

  • First and foremost the golden rule of brushing your teeth twice a day is the most important habit we can develop for keeping our teeth white.
  • The yellow shade comes easily and sooner if we smoke or consume tobacco in any form. We can do our teeth a favor by cutting down on tobacco consumption or smoking. Though it is a bit difficult for smoker, one can delay the staining of teeth by quitting this habit which apart from keeping your teeth white, keeps you healthier in other different ways.
  • Flossing at times is very helpful if you want your teeth to be sparkling white all the time. It helps you avoid plaque buildup which is the main reason of staining your teeth.
  • Consumption of tea, coffee or other caffeine based products give our teeth that yellowish shade sooner. IN order to make the effect of any teeth whitening method last longer, one should cut down on tea and coffee as well.
  • Though rubbing the inside of orange or lemon peel work as natural teeth whitener , its use should be avoided too frequently because you can lose your teeth’s natural enamel coating which will cause more harm than any good to your teeth.

Last but not the least; good eating habits like eating a lot of salads go a long way in maintaining the white shade of your teeth. Some fruits like strawberries and apples are natural whiteners. Apart from making them a part of our regular diet, one can also make a paste of these fruit and brush with it.

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