Day 1 Sample Workout From Power Program

Day 1 Sample Workout From Power Program

Good morning and happy Monday out there!! I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the Super Bowl. I know I sure am because all I did was work, watch JLo strut, then eat garlic chicken thighs. It was a dream Super Bowl experience. And now I’m up REAL early on a Monday to make sure everyone out there that purchased the new PaleOMG Power Program & Meal Guide got their PDFs and are ready to kick off the first workout this morning!! But if you are still in the dark about the Power Program & Meal Guide, I want to give you the run down today because the current sale has been extended and I don’t want you to miss this deal! So today I’m going to share a little about the program and give you a sample workout of what Day 1 looks like for both the advanced AND beginner workouts! I’ll be sharing not only the actual workout from the program, but the videos, as well!

This 3-Month Power Program was created for all the busy people out there, the people who don’t want to go to a gym or pay for a gym membership, or even the people who just prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home. This program was created using MINIMAL equipment and almost all workouts can be completed without leaving your yoga mat (check out a list of the equipment you will need in this post). The program includes an intro to the important 5 pillars of health, a quick warm-up and cool-down to prepare you each day, and workouts that fit your fitness level. Whether you want to start with the beginner workouts and move to the advanced after three months, or just mix and match both the advanced…

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