Dashing Contemporary Escape on the Edge of Niagara escapment

Dashing Contemporary Escape on the Edge of Niagara escapment

A home in ecological paradise does sound like an enticing option that offers a rare window into the amazing sights and sounds of the natural world. But building a home on the edge of Niagara escarpment – a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve – is not the easiest of tasks because of the many restrictions that come with such a sensitive site rich in flora and fauna. Yet the Fallsview Residence by Setless Architecture nestled on the intersection of Tew’s Falls and Webster’s Falls on the Bruce Trail manages to find this delicate balance between a house that respects the landscape around it while ushering in contemporary comfort and aesthetics.

The exterior of this bold and striking residence is clad in dark brick, with large glass windows and doors providing an air of modernity. Once the sun sets, the house disappears into the scenic backdrop with only the gorgeous lighting around it giving you any indication of its conspicuous presence. A hint of wood further elevates the unique style of this Canadian home, with the high R-value glass windows letting in natural light even as they keep out the heat.

With the living areas situated on the front and the rear containing the bedrooms, privacy is easily combined with unabated views here. A neutral color scheme, comfy modern furniture and curated artwork from India and Myanmar put the finishing touches on this exceptional and exclusive Ontario delight! [Photography: Sandy Rush Photography]

High R-value glass and wood bring textural contrast to the facade

Large windows and sliding doors allow natural light into the front living spaces

Outdoor patio and livings spaces become an extension of the interior

Stunning views of the natural canopy around the house from the second living room

Living space and covered deck - sunroom turned into one

Contemporary decor and neutral color scheme give the interior a relaxing, modern vibe

The Bruce Trail follows the edge of the Niagara escarpment – a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve – from the…

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